Monday, August 6, 2012

Could Dave Argall's Past Dealings Be A Campaign Issue For The Democrats?

Wow, the response from my first post about the McNally race was overwhelmingly positive and productive.  I have received tons of emails about other topics wanting me to blog about all type of corruption issues and inside baseball.   However, like I said, I have to research and contact my sources to any leads to make sure they are legit.  We do not post anything here unless we have decent sources.

One topic that I did get scores of emails about was the cesspool that is good olde 'Skook County'

So, upon further investigating and research this week and keeping with the Pennsylvania Senate side, I thought it was appropriate to showcase one of the greatest frauds and phonies in Harrisburg.

Sen. Dave Argall (R-29) is probably the least respected person on either side of the aisle. Just ask any legislator for confirmation.  The 26-year career politician was not liked in the House and the Pennsylvania Senate leaders barely tolerate him.  They now own him having had to bail him out of his brutal primary run this past Spring where he almost lost because his horrible 26 year left-wing, self serving record was finally presented to the voters.

So, it is no wonder that there is new information about a possible criminal investigation into Argall's Veon like activities swirling around his non-profit, which was exposed by the Pa Independent earlier this year.   

Whispers on 3rd and State Streets say the federal grand jury that was impaneled up in Williamsport to look into the Harrisburg mess is also looking into this mess in the Skook because of the bank account Mayor Reed supposedly set up to siphon money away to a Pottsville bank account.  Why did he select Pottsville to set up a bank account? Great question many want to know.

And since it is well known that Argall and his cronies, like Former Democrat Jerry Knowles, have a long history of cutting deals with  Democrats to protect each other and enrich themselves, nobody is surprised in the least if his 'Non-Profit' dealings blew up in conjunction with this Mayor Reed investigation.  When you follow the money in these things, who knows where it could lead to.

Tim Seip, Argall's Democrat opponent in the Fall will likely make political hay over this and why not?  After a bruising primary, Argall's reputation had to take a huge hit as he was bloodied in the process. Thus leaving him vulnerable for Seip to maybe pull an upset.

And if this 'Non-Profit' thing explodes again between now and Election Day, things could get real interesting.