Monday, September 17, 2012

Republicans Seek To Primary Corbett In 2014

It is no secret that Gov. Corbett has dismal approval ratings among Democrats and Independents but what is now clearly evident is that many REPUBLICANS really don't like the Governor either.  The great unreported story is how Corbett is virtually trashed by GOP party officials, campaign operatives,  legislators and grassroots Tea Party people too at almost every gathering. In fact, complaining about Corbett has been so routine at meetings that the typical conversation starts like this:

"Hey, how about that weather."  GOPer 1

"Yeah, it's horrible...and speaking of horrible, Gov. Corbett is really blowing it. " GOPer 2

"Oh, I know it. That's all I hear."  GOPer 1

And because of this very problem, now you are starting to see Republicans actively and openly criticize Gov. Corbett.  Just last week a major GOP donor excoriated Corbett in a email claiming he hasn't led on issues like Labor Reform, Selling The State Booze Operation and many other issues. This is a common gripe that is only getting louder and now as a result has people seriously discussing a well funded primary challenger to Corbett in 2014.

Corbett's lack of legislative accomplishment as compared to Govs. Christie, Daniels, Walker, and Haley, the poor messaging coming out of the Gov. mansion and his whole team's absolute ineptness in trying to pass their agenda has conservatives and many rank-and-file Republicans seriously considering another alternative in 2014.

They just don't see his weak leadership skills when it comes to governing and his incompetent staff being enough to pull him out of his dismal political standing he has with the the voters now.

 Also, adding motivation to a possible primary run is the fact that Corbett badly handled 2012 primaries.  By forcing the weakest US Senate candidate, Steve Welch, who eventually got crushed by Tom Smith,  down the throats of state committee, Corbett alienated many others who are now open to supporting a Corbett  primary challenger.  Then, if you add how he handled the row office endorsements and the fact his flawed Attorney General candidate Dave Freed is likely to go down in defeat with the rest of the row office candidates, Corbett is going to become even more persona non grata with the rank-and-file GOP members.

So, who in the GOP would dare challenge a sitting GOP Governor?

Well, some of the early names that are floating around in the rumor mill as a possible GOP primary challenger are Scott Wagner of York, the wealthy Penn Waste CEO who has massive self-funding capabilities and was the one who blasted Corbett in that email referenced above about his lack of leadership; Glen Meakem of Pittsburgh, the multi-millionaire businessman who also has self-funding means and political ambitions but has kept a much lower profile and is said to testing the waters discreetly; and Bruce Castor, the perpetual rival of Tom Corbett from the 04 AG primary who lacks self-funding ability but has a huge geographical base in the Southeast to start from.  Word is he sees a possible opportunity to enter and it is well known he desperately wants out of the Montco Courthouse scene.

And the Democrats know that Corbett is becoming increasingly vulnerable to a primary challenger from  his own party that is why the Democrat Chairman Jim Burn told party big wigs at a gathering in Charlotte that hoped to avoid a primary of their own and select a single consensus candidate like they did in 2006 when party people cleared the field for Casey to go against Santorum without facing another top tier Democrat in the primary.

Could a Republican challenger to Corbett prevail? Sure, BUT it probably will take $7 million to take oust a sitting Governor.

However, even if a Republican challenges Corbett and doesn't prevail, he or she will most likely have done irreparable harm that a politically damaged Corbett is almost assured to lose to the Democrat in the General Election.

And that has many Republicans saying "We don't care because Corbett is doing absolutely nothing so we aren't losing anything if he loses."

Yup, Corbett is in trouble but the only people who don't seem to think so are Tom Corbett himself and his entire politically tone deaf team.